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How to Make an Infographic

So you want to make your own infographic? Well the first thing you need to do is set a marketing goal for this infographic. The goal of most infographics is simply to get more eye-balls and link backs to your blog.

However, the most successful infographics tell a story. For instance this infographic from Video Blocks tells the story of how video creation is becoming more accessible through mobile devices. A great trend to highlight and share for a company that sells stock footage.

Once you have your story in mind it’s time to find some data. You can pull data from government reports, market research companies, and press releases, but the best place to get started is your own customers. Administer a short survey to your users and you’ll likely be surprised by what you get back. Not only is this data free to use, but it establishes you as a thought leader in your field. If you’re creating an infographic for traffic, isn’t branding a nice side effect?

Now that you have your data you’re ready to start building!

Once upon a time, making an infographic was reserved for only the most hardcore graphic designs. They required days of building individual paths in Illustrator or, worse, adding endless layer upon layer to a Photoshop file only to be revised by the client or marketing team at the last minute. Overall, a frustrating and tedious process.

Luckily however, with the rising popularity of infographics have come a variety of tools to help make building them faster and easier.

You have free infographic builders that puts your information into a pre-made stock template, you have data visualization products like visual.ly, and our personal favorite infographic templates.

Infographic templates lets you customize your infographic in ways an automated infographic builder never will and gives you the flexibility to mix and match components from multiple sources; all while skipping the tedious mucking-around building individual paths and layers.

It’s the perfect balance between efficiency and creativity, and it’s why we love them!

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